A large number of production outages and shortfalls kept the European PVC market in suspense in the second half of October, but processors were generally able to cover their requirements from other sources and keep their plants operating without notable limitations.

Most contracts were concluded with rollovers. Supplies were particularly tight on account of the force majeure (FM) declared on K70 at Kem One’s plant at Berre in France. Vestolit also announced allocations due to FM at two of its main suppliers.

Deliveries from PKN Orlen were also restricted through delays in bringing Anwil’s plant in Poland back on stream. BASF declared FM on PVC plasticisers, again due to the low water levels of the Rhine, among other things. Imports from the US were also curtailed by a plant outage in Louisiana.

With the drop in the ethylene reference, the PVC contract will likely come under pressure, especially since the high call-offs in October ought to undergo a seasonal fall and supply should stabilise again.