PTi launches high-speed extruders

Processing Technologies International (PTi) has entered the high-speed extruder segment with the launch of its Super-G High-Speed Extruders for the processing of PP and high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) in the packaging market.

The Super-G SGHS 3000, which comes in two models, is said to deliver significant performance advantages and overcomes the limitations of competitive products.

Dana Hanson, president of PTi, said: “This technology offers our customer base a high-speed solution that delivers improved melt quality as a result of our Super-G Lobe screw technology and is offered integrated with all of our advanced G-Series Configurable roll stand configurations.”

The Super-G SGHS3000- 36D is equipped with a 500hp motor and runs at up to 1,000rpm while the Super-G SGHS3000-42D has a 600hp motor and runs at up to 1,200rpm. Each is capable of higher speeds, however, PTi establishes the maximum rated speed based on an upper motor load threshold of 85 per cent. For processing of PP, the Super-G SGHS3000-36D has a production output of approximately 3,000lb/hr.

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