Food and drinks manufacturers are able to program their entire filling plants with the implementation of Tetra Pak’s upgraded data management system.

PlantMaster has been upgraded to include a manufacturing executive systems (MES) suite, a new software program specifically designed for the food and beverage industry, which provides a user-friendly interface.

With process equipment in a plant often being supplied from a number of manufacturers, separate information systems are used, sometimes requiring manual data collection.

PlantMaster is said to provide a single set of tools that integrate all operations, from incoming raw materials to finished, palletised products. This gives manufacturers complete control of the plant. It streamlines data collection, facilitates accurate data analysis and, ultimately, improves efficiency.

Jose Luis Campillos, owner of Spanish drinks producer DAFSA, said: “A plant management system has to let us easily calculate every part of an operation, allow us to optimise the processes and make us more efficient. With the new Tetra Pak PlantMaster, we will have all the information needed for planning and production management.”

Charles Brand, product management and commercial operations chief at Tetra Pak said: “The new Tetra Pak PlantMaster provides customers with a simple end-to-end solution by unifying plant control in one single data system. We are pleased to see that customers find value in this new system, reducing complexity in their management processes and increasing productivity, which in turn, positively impacts the bottom line.”