Priority Plastics invests $5m in pail upgrade

US-based Priority Plastics has invested more than $5 million in blow moulding equipment, moulds, training and technology for a high-speed tight head machine in its Portland, Indiana facility. The CYCLONE has been installed to support rapid growth in the UN-rated tight head pail market.

The new technology includes automated processing, multilayer manufacturing capabilities and high tech mould design allowing strength improvement in bottle manufacturing. The mould design supports light-weighting and other eco-friendly product improvements as part of Priority Plastics’ commitment to develop sustainable plastics containers.

The company claims that four-cavity shuttle technology gives it the opportunity to offset freight and be even more cost competitive. Priority Plastics produces a range of containers from 5-gallon to 20-litre.

Multilayer technology uses closed-loop or post-consumer regrind while the light-weight option is 1,000g using up to 20 per cent less virgin plastics resin.

The company also produces a range of snack packaging in PVC and PET.