German meat producer Metten Fleischwaren has launched its bulk-pack sausages in the SuperLift plastics bucket made by RPC Superfos.

The 4.6-litre injection-moulded polypropylene pail offers a nine-month shelf-life, easy handling, visual appeal and in-mould labelling for oxygen barrier protection. Metten is using it for five types of sausages.

Tobias Metten, chief executive of the family-run meat producer, said: “RPC Superfos is mastering oxygen barrier protection with in-mould labelling. Besides the high quality of the packaging solution, we value the steady and reliable supplies we get.”

On maximising shelf-life results, Metten explained that the pails performed well after the autoclaving process at high temperature for 90 minutes, protecting the taste of the company’s sausages.

He concluded: “Finished packs tend to take up a lot of working space, but with the SuperLift you can put a whole stack of empty pails, and in our sausage production, more pails can be stacked compared to metal containers which you cannot stack. It saves warehouse space and transportation costs.”

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