Plastics Recyclers Europe was created in 1996 to represent plastics recyclers in Europe. It is located at Schuman in the heart of the European District in Brussels.

When created the association had 7 members. Currently Plastics Recyclers Europe has more than 120 membersfrom all over the EU and this number will continue to grow.

In the first years of creation, PRE recycled 200 000 tonnes of plastic waste. Today this amount reached 2.5 million tonnes and will continue to grow.

PRE consists of 7 Working Groups. Working Groups were set up, in order to represent particular interest groups – depending on the type of the polymer or type of waste processed. These are so called vertical groups. There are also 3 horizontal groups which interact and liaise with the vertical groups. Their aim is to strengthen the PRE’s structure and allow for communication between all of the groups.