Turkish flexible packaging converter Elif claims to have met the European Commission‘s (EC) 2030 recyclability targets 12 years ahead of schedule with its pre-made pouch solution, Elif2Pouch.

A 100 per cent recyclable PE stand-up pouch, Elif2Pouch is said to eliminate the need for lamination with other substrates, while recycling is possible with other PE materials. This, the company says, enables Elif to support brand owners targeting compliance with the EC’s recycling goals.

Says the company, Elif2Pouch provides up to three times more strength, moisture barrier and optical properties when compared with conventional packaging solutions. This caters for sectors requiring barrier such as food and beverage, pet food, home care and personal care.

The push for sustainability in the  industry is often referred to as Neo-Eco packaging, as converters seek to improve functionality, performance, cost-efficiency and ecological credentials, in addition to targeting the use of new materials and technologies.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Elif exports in excess of 50 per cent of its production to more than 50 countries, 72 per cent of which are in Europe. Packaging film contributes 32 per cent of the company’s manufacturing output, while pre-made bags represent 56 per cent.