Paper packaging for KitKat multipacks

Nestlé Japan is to convert the outer bag packaging of five KitKat multipack products from plastics packaging to paper as part of its commitment to using 100 per cent recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

From late September this year, all shipments of KitKat multipacks will feature the new paper packaging. According to Nestlé Japan, the move will reduce plastics waste by more than 380 tonnes per year.

Nestlé Japan plans to transition the outer packaging of all multipack KitKat products to paper packaging by September 2020. Meanwhile, the company also intends to move to single-layer packaging for its individually wrapped KitKat products in 2021.

Meanwhile, rather than being disposed of as waste, Nestlé Japan is proposing that, once the KitKat has been consumed, the paper packaging is used to create origami cranes, a traditional Japanese messenger of thoughts and wishes.