Norwegian company MatBørsen AS has rolled out a range of soup pots with click-on tray inserts at retailer Meny after joining forces with Sealpac to develop a dedicated packaging line.

The company worked with Dutch injection moulder Naber Plastics to develop the latest ready-to-eat soup concept, which is a two-part pack, with a tray insert under the lid for dry inclusions and trimmings, and with lidding and sealing technology supplied by Sealpac. The soup has a shelf-life of up to 30 days.

Freddy Andre Henriksen, controller at MatBørsen, said: “We wanted the click-on lid of the pot not to be fully fixed, as it would have to be opened again at retail. Sealpac constructed the lidding system in such a way that the lid is clicked into place only partly without it coming off during transport or at retail.” 

The line starts with a Sealpac AS-LS1200 denester that places the soup trays onto the in-feed conveyor, after which they are transported to the Leonhardt filling system. This is done with Sealpac’s Walking Beam system, which guarantees the most accurate positioning of the pots underneath the filling heads. After filling, the Walking Beam ensures smooth transport of the liquid product without spilling over the edge. 

The trays are securely sealed on a Sealpac A7 traysealer with 5-impression tooling and transported to the lidding section. Here, the first Sealpac DA-M770 lidding system clicks an empty tray insert onto the sealed soup pot. Shortly after that, the second DA-770 lidding system places a snap-on lid onto the empty click-on tray insert. 

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