Nestlé Waters North America aims to achieve 25 per cent recycled plastics across its US domestic portfolio by 2021 after the company outlined plans to continue expanding its use of recycled materials. It also has an ambition to reach 50 per cent recycled content by 2025.

The company is expanding its relationship with Plastrec in Canada and working with other key suppliers to support its ability to nearly quadruple the use of rPET in less than three years.

Fernando Mercé, president of Nestlé Waters North America, said: “We want to take the ‘single’ out of ‘single-use’ bottles. Our bottles were never meant to be thrown in the garbage — we carefully design them to be collected, recycled, and repurposed, PET plastic is a valuable resource that, if recycled properly, can be used to create new bottles again and again. We’re proving that it can be done by making bottles out of other bottles, not ten years from now, but today.”

This news comes after CarbonLITE announced last month that it is to expand its US operations by building a third facility in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, as a result of an agreement with long-term partner Nestlé Waters North America.

Once operational in early 2020, it will be able to recycle more than two billion post-consumer bottles a year, with the 200,000 sq ft processing facility anticipated to save 60,000 tonnes of carbon annually by using post-consumer materials and produce 80 million pounds (36,287 tonnes) per year of food-grade rPET pellets.