Nestlé sells Starbuck’s branded coffee in China

Tapping into the growth potential of China’s coffee market, Nestlé has started selling Starbucks branded coffee in mainland China. The nationwide rollout includes a new range of 21 products, including whole bean and roast and ground packaged coffees in addition to Starbucks coffee capsules.

The news follows Nestlé’s $7.15 billion deal with Starbucks last year, which allows Nestlé to market Starbucks consumer and foodservice products globally, outside of the company’s coffee shops.

“For 20 years, we’ve pioneered the Starbucks experience for customers in China and through our alliance with Nestlé we’re unlocking new premium coffee experiences to better suit our customers’ daily lives outside of our Starbucks retail stores,” said Belinda Wong, chairman and chief executive of Starbucks China.

According to Wong, this is only the beginning: “The addressable market for coffee in China is rapidly growing and we’ll continue to expand our reach and innovate to deliver signature Starbucks coffees on Nestlé’s proprietary systems and platforms to expand our customer reach for new occasions.”