An innovative approach to minimising food waste has been developed by Nestlé UK
and Ireland in partnership with Company Shop and supported by the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) work.

The integrated approach aims to make sure that significantly more surplus food is
redistributed and available for both charitable and commercial use.

The partners are undertaking detailed site assessments to identify any opportunity to
reduce food waste at the source, and find ways that any part-processed products can
be redistributed instead of being used for animal feed or anaerobic digestion.

Andy Griffiths, head of environmental sustainability at Nestlé UK and Ireland, said:
“As a food manufacturer, we see food waste as a very important issue for business
and society. To help us reduce and find good uses for our surplus food we’ve been
working with our partners to find innovative ways to address these issues in our
supply chain but also to help the wider industry. The joint expertise and insight of our
longstanding partners in food surplus waste have been crucial in developing a viable
and scalable approach.”