Capable of delivering dry cycle times of less than two seconds, the latest version of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s El-Exis SP remains one of the fastest injection moulding machines for packaging manufacturers on the market, but the company has now focused on improving energy savings.

Aimed at high volume manufacturers of caps and closures, thin wall containers and lids, the machine’s fast cycle time is due to the presence of a hydraulic accumulator, which achieves injection speeds of up to 1,000mm/s and accelerates at up to 32 sq m/s (or more than six times the rate of a conventional fast cycling machine).

The introduction of a new control valve, to regulate the hydraulic pressure during the loading of the accumulator, enables an energy saving of up to 15 per cent compared with previous generations of El-Exis machines, depending on packaging application, moulding cycle time and process parameters.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s UK managing director Nigel Flowers says the machine now includes an integrated energy monitor as standard: “Having real-time access to energy data helps production managers to gauge how, when and where energy is being used, removing some of the guesswork when optimising.”

Chilling water is another important, yet expensive, part of injection moulding. So for some applications, the company has increased the maximum inlet water temperature on the machine’s oil cooler to 35 deg C. This means that the machine can run from tower water, further reducing running costs.

Given the growing popularity of stack moulds in food packaging, additional linear guidance can be added to the machine on request. As well as increasing productivity, this feature helps moulders to minimise friction and protect the longevity of the mould.

Mould safety technology, previously only available on the company’s all-electric series, has also been extended to the hybrid El-Exis SP. This, says Flowers, protects moulds from damage by foreign objects and prevents part defects.

“Rather than simply slamming the mould open and closed, the sequence should be smooth and controlled, which is exactly what our servo-driven technology is designed to do without incurring cycle time penalties,” he said.

The El-Exis SP is available with a clamp force range of between 150 and 750 tonnes.

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