Dairy producer Müller is releasing a light-weight recyclable milk cap that uses 13 per cent less plastics material than the previous version. This allows the firm to remove 300 tonnes of plastics every year, the equivalent weight of 231 million ‘stealth’ milk caps.

Müller has been working with Paccor for the last 18 months to design, trial and roll out the new compression mould caps and having successfully completed various trials across Müller’s network of dairies throughout 2018, all of the dairy’s branded and private label fresh milk products will include the new lighter cap, weighing just 1.3g, from February 2019.

As Müller continues to drive down its plastics use, the dairy business has already completed various multi-million pound acquisitions throughout the UK that allows the business to manufacture its own fresh milk bottles in the UK.

Müller’s HDPE fresh milk bottles, used for all branded and private label fresh milk products, are already 100 per cent recyclable and the business is aiming to increase the use of recycled plastics in its bottles to a target of 50 per cent by 2020.

Patrick Müller, chief executive of Müller Milk & Ingredients, said: “We’re clear about the need to reduce our use of plastics, and we have removed 10,000 tonnes of plastics from our milk bottles since 2016. This is great progress, but we can, and we will do more.

“Customers and consumers can be assured that Müller is working to lead in this and other important areas. We are convinced that the work we do with our packaging, operational excellence and with dairy farmers who supply us to protect against market volatility, are real points of difference,” he added.