MonoSol, a division of Japanese chemicals manufacturer Kuraray, is investing $72 million in the construction of a 150,000 sq ft water-soluble film manufacturing facility in Indiana, USA, with the potential to create 89 jobs by 2020.

Construction of the company’s fourth facility in the US will begin in the second quarter of 2018, while customers worldwide already use the dissolvable film for a variety of packaging solutions including detergents, food ingredients, cosmetic and personal care products. The film technology is also used for transfer printing, countertops and solid surface release films.

The company claims there is a potential to expand the site to more than 400,000 sq ft in the future, and the new facility will add approximately 18 per cent to existing global capacity, allowing MonoSol to keep pace with the consistent growth in several business segments and increase operational efficiency and material flow.

President of Kuraray/MonoSol, P. Scott Bening commented: “We are making investment in our water-soluble film technology in response to continued global demand and the growing needs of our customers for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Expanding the company’s presence in Indiana allows us to continue our community outreach and involvement. From our corporate headquarters to our three existing production sites, our employees are highly engaged in their local communities and support a range of initiatives that impact the lives of our neighbours.”