As a result of its customer-focused research and development, Mondi’s technical films business has created a water-soluble film for the smart and convenient packing and dosing of powders, tabs and granulates.

Because it dissolves completely in even cold water, the film is ideal for single doses of dry materials, such as dishwasher and laundry tabs or bath salts.

The film is said to offer excellent sealing and deep drawing properties and provides an effective barrier to oxygen. Consumers are also protected from direct contact with the contents. In addition to reducing overall packaging waste, the films are also considered to be biodegradable, non-toxic and non-inhibitory.

Oliver Sperber, chief innovation officer at Mondi Consumer Packaging, said: “Mondi’s water soluble film provides several layers of benefits for both brands and their customers alike. Our committed application engineers are able to customise the film according to customers’ specific needs, in addition to providing all of the necessary on-site support required to successfully launch a product using this material.

“Mondi’s pedigree as a packaging provider, with a broad portfolio across many industries, means new product possibilities are being presented on an ongoing basis. Interplay between central and local R&D and Innovation teams, in partnership with our customers even on-site if required, is key to this.”

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