Arburg's Allrounder 630 H is tailored for the packaging industry

The Mexican plastics industry is witnessing a strong trend towards complex equipment and electrical machines, says injection moulding machinery maker Arburg, which is reporting significant interest from the country’s packaging industry.

The ‘Packaging’ (P) versions of Arburg’s hybrid Allrounder Hidrive machines have been specially designed for high-volume production. In addition, the company is integrating more automation and quality control to the systems, including its Arburg ALS host computer system.

Guillermo Fasterling is managing director of Arburg Mexico

ALS enables online data exchange across production facilities and locations (horizontal integration) as well as with a PPC/ERP system (vertical integration). This, the company claims, improves production planning and traceability of safety-relevant moulded parts.

At this year’s Plastimagen exhibition in Mexico, Arburg plans to present two packaging applications.An Allrounder 630 H will be exhibited with a clamping force of 3,200 kN, a size 2100 injection unit and a 48-cavity mould from Plastisud. It will be producing HDPE screw caps for water bottles at a cycle time of 3.2 seconds and a part weight of 2g. After cooling down in a lift cooler, a camera system by partner company Intravis checks the screw caps and sorts the good and bad parts.

Arburg operates a subsidiary in Querétaro.