Schreiner MediPharm’s Flexi-Cap Plus includes a label-integrated tear strip for enhanced security that irreversibly indicates the first opening of primary containers to prevent their illegal reuse with counterfeited substances.

The tear strip runs through the label as an integrated element and helps stop the illegal reuse of empty medicine containers with original labels, which is a major problem for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Gene Dul, the president of Schreiner Group, said: “The enhancement introduced with the Flexi-Cap Plus is that the tear strip is integrated directly in the label rather than run through the film cap. When the tear strip is opened, it automatically destroys the label and makes it impossible to illegally reuse the container with this original label.

“Flexi-Cap Plus provides end users in healthcare settings with an efficient, intuitive security solution that makes it easy to check first opening. The solution is another step forward in protecting patients against the administration of ineffective or harmful medications.”

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