Working together with McDonald’s, Arla is launching a co-branded Happy Meal and Arla Organic Milk bottle across UK branches of the fast food chain.

The new design of the 25cl bottles, which will feature the Arla logo alongside the McDonalds one, marks the latest Arla initiative aimed at making its branded organic milk more accessible to customers.

Arla and McDonald’s have been working together for 30 years, with Arla supplying McDonald’s with organic milk since 2007 for use in its teas, coffees, porridge and Happy Meal milk bottles. This growing partnership means that Arla is expected to supply more than 30 million litres of organic milk to the restaurant chain this year.

Jonathan Dixon, vice president of Food Service for Arla Foods UK, said: “Arla has been working on a range of initiatives in recent months aimed at making organic milk more accessible to our consumers. We have recently repositioned our branded organic milk as Arla. Organic Milk to highlight its free range credentials, and the rollout of Arla Organic Milk 25cl into McDonald’s restaurants across the country is a great way for us to expand the reach of our products.”