Indian brand owner Asian Paints has switched all of its DIY products from PET/PE to Constantia Flexibles’ EcoLam, which is a mono-material PE laminate that the company claims is more sustainable.

The OPE/PE structure is recycle-ready, says Constantia. Its carbon footprint is almost a third lower than that of comparable products, while it also has good barrier properties.

While EcoLam is also suitable for dry pet food, laundry products, tabs and capsules, EcoLamPlus is designed for meat, cheese and dairy products in pouches due to the oxygen and moisture barrier, and EcoLamHighPlus provides an additional high barrier against both moisture and oxygen. It is therefore suitable for coffee beans and salad dressings.

The Austrian converter has developed a packaging line called Ecolutions to cover its range of sustainable products. The company commissioned a consumer survey that found people would pay up to 15 per cent more for recyclable and compostable packaging, while 80 per cent wanted eco-friendlier packaging options.

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