The official start of the new investment project of LyondellBasell and Covestro was marked by a ceremony. Dr. Klaus Schäfer (Sixth person from the left), Chief Technology of Covestro, was among various stakeholders to kick off the project.

Petrochemicals company LyondellBasell and polymers business Covestro AG have initiated a large investment Circular Stream Project, as part of an environmental and emission abatement strategy.

The project began on the 4 September at LyondellBasell’s production site in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, which is a 50:50 JV between the two companies that produces propylene oxide (PO) and styrene monomer (SM), and will incorporate new technology into the existing production plant to convert its water-based waste into energy.

According to a statement, the new installation will achieve a higher level of efficiency and sustainability, resulting in an overall annual reduction of approximately 140,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, 0.9 Petajoules of energy and will avoid the release of 11 million kilograms of salt residue into the surface water.

The project is an important contribution to the Dutch government’s carbon dioxide reduction targets. Jean Gadbois, senior vice president Manufacturing Europe, Asia and International of LyondellBasell said: “The Dutch government’s support is pivotal to the viability of innovative projects like this Circular Steam Project, which will allow us to realise an annual carbon dioxide reduction equal to taking 31,000 cars off the road and will contribute to yearly energy savings equaling the electricity use of the city of Breda’s 90,000 households. This is a great step in advancing towards a more sustainable production.”

Klaus Schaefer, chief technology officer of Covestro, added: “Our joint site in Maasvlakte is an important element of Covestro´s production network. We are constantly aiming to reduce our specific emissions. Through this investment we will significantly enhance the efficiency of the existing operations.”

As part of the project, a new bio plant and incinerator will be built on the Maasvlakte site, in which the production’s waste will be treated and transformed into steam. The steam will be utilised as an energy source in the existing on-site production plant, thus making it a circular process.

The construction will employ roughly 71 people and the new facilities will eventually generate permanent positions for 11 full-time employees. The official start of the project was marked by a ceremony in which LyondellBasell and Covestro, together with a large group of stakeholders, revealed the construction plan and its key benefits.