Thermoplay has launched a three-zone model of its Th-M6 temperature controller. The new version is suitable for hot runner moulding applications with one and two points, or single-nozzle injection systems.

The latest controller is a compact and low-cost option that presents the same characteristics as the six and 12-zone models. It continually regulates the absorption of each zone and allows a prompt intervention in the event of plastics material leaking from an injector.

The temperature controller identifies and signals thermocouple failures (breakage and inverted connection), fuse and heater interruption, solid state relay faults, and interruption of one of the supply phases. On the front panel, six LED indicators are present for each zone, which signal any kind of malfunction of the control loop in an unambiguous way.

The Italian machinery maker says that the ‘synchronous increase of temperatures’ function avoids heating differences in the various zones, due to the different characteristics of each heater during the machine start-up. This means it is no longer necessary to resort to a delayed start-up of the zones relevant to particular nozzles.

The models 24-48 and EVO are provided with a high-performing operator terminal and offer additional features for monitoring and support through a local or remote network.

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