Linx 10 proves its flexibility

Linx Printing Technologies is helping improve the efficiency of a cosmetics contract manufacturer in the UK with its portable Linx 10 machine.

Creative Cosmetics was already using two continuous ink jet (CIJ) coders to service up to five production lines, but these were difficult for operators to move easily between lines. As a result, when the printers were unavailable, operators had to hand-apply labels.

By comparison, the Linx 10 printer is completely portable and can be easily moved to where it is required. For Creative Cosmetics, the printer and print head bracket are attached to a movable cabinet, which can be wheeled between or repositioned on a line.

Factory manager Gregory Webb said: “For me, the major advantages of the Linx 10 are its flexibility and mobility. It is half the size of our other printers, meaning I can position it exactly where I want. The Linx 10 is printing in all orientations on different product types and surfaces including acrylic, PET, metallised glass and untreated glass. Typical code requirements are one or two lines.”

Besides its portability, the Linx 10 includes easy message set-up using a touch screen featuring image-based code-selection. Its integrated, automatic line speed sensor eliminates the need for a separate sensor attached to the line. The print head also requires cleaning just once a month, while consumables are easy to replace using a mess-free cartridge system.

Webb added: “Setup is very easy and intuitive with the graphical user interface. The line speed sensor is a great feature, meaning that if the speed of the line changes, the code is still good. Equally important, the process of refilling the fluids in the printer is very simple.”

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