Successful trials in the fresh herb sector have led to Ulma Packaging UK launching its Venturi System in the loose-leaf salad market.

The packaging process is designed to mitigate damage to light leaves by pulling produce down into the bag using air. The Venturi ring creates a vacuum under the product and then accelerates it down the tube without damage.

Compared to conventional vertical packaging machines for salad, where the re-work required for bags with product stuck in the seal is between 7-10 per cent, the Venturi System’s use of air is said to lead to a reduced re-work of less than 1 per cent when used in conjunction with ultrasonic sealing technology.

The bag length and width can also be reduced because the product is pulled further inside the packaging during sealing, which saves material wastage through the process.

Requiring two operators, the system can produce up to 60 packs of fresh salad per minute. This is a significant improvement from traditional flow wrap machines, claims Ulma Packaging, which require up to 16 employees with an average output of 25 packs per minute.

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