Consumer goods firm The Honest Company has collaborated with Berlin Packaging to redevelop the closure for its laundry product line to produce sturdy yet premium-looking packaging.

Berlin Packaging’s design division came up with a dosing closure that has a thick liner to minimise the assembly gap and ribs to create sealing surface, with an aim for it to survive the impact of shipping and handling methods.

It also claims to be easily removable while maintaining an air-tight seal to stop ‘glugging’ from the old spout. The longer cut out spout increases airflow and provides controlled pouring.

The bottle has a more-round shoulder to improve top load and a handle that helps with single-handed gripping. With three different bottle sizes, it promises to be an eco-conscious and user-friendly product made from plant-derived surfactants and food-grade preservatives.

The laundry detergent participated in the non-food rebrand category of the PAC Global Leadership Awards and four of The Honest Company’s product lines earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

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