Foto: Frederic Schweizer,

Beverage machine manufacturer Krones has won the 2017 Energy Efficiency Award at the Congress of the German Energy Agency (DENA) for its energy-self-sufficient brewery.

Premiered at this year’s Drinktec show in Munich, Krones claims that for a beer production volume of 2.6 million hectolitres, the energy-efficient brewery generates an annual surplus
totalling 1,534 MWh of heat and 1,066 MWh of electricity, which can be sold on to other customers. The savings in terms of electricity come to 30 per cent in comparison to a standard brewery, and for thermal energy around 60 per cent.

The brewery includes several harmonised technologies, which include a biogas system for recovering the residual substances, a modified unit-type cogeneration plant for producing
heat and electricity, and a continuous seven-days- a-week production for smoothing out load peaks. As well as this, a newly developed filling technology enables the cooling energy
available to be used for secondary processes.