Milacron’s Klear Can has arrived on store shelves for the first time in partnership with S&W Fine Foods International in Asia. The Del Monte owned company’s pineapple chunks and slices packaged in the clear plastics can are now in stores in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China.

After successful qualitative testing with consumers in Asia conducted by Nielsen Market Research, S&W chose the Milacron Klear Can for its products to highlight the products’ quality and freshness in a way that consumers can see through the packaging. This now makes it the first company in the world to offer tropical fruit in a clear plastics can.

The can is a patented co-injection moulded, polypropylene EVOH plastics can, which can be cooked and seamed meeting all industry standards. It is recyclable, fully microwavable and designed to withstand standard retort pressures and temperatures of up to 130 deg C.

Milacron’s chief executive Tom Goeke said: “After years of development and strong positive consumer results, we’re excited to have S&W Fine Foods International on-board as a partner to launch the Milacron Klear Can in key global markets. We are also thrilled about the prospect of transforming the metal can industry.”

Plastics in Packaging spoke to Milacron president and general manager of system business Steve Morris at last year’s K’ show in Dusseldorf, where it was exhibiting a full Klear Can production system: “Although a large variety of products are suitable for the Klear Can, vegetables will likely be a more popular application for the European market while Asia will look at fruits, meat and fish. Pet food is also a big interest area.”