An optimised active mandrel design has enabled KHS to reduce changeover times on its InnoPET Blomax stretch blow moulders by more than half for all standard PET bottle neck designs. The German company is now targeting beverage producers that bottle products with a range of neck sizes.

During a format changeover, operators switch over the blow moulds with other components. The conveying mandrel in particular is of special significance in this process as a full changeover of these parts can be extremely time consuming.

Marco Böhnke, product manager for stretch blow moulding technology at KHS, said: “Depending on its size, a high-performance Blomax stretch blow moulder can have around 280 conveying mandrels. When a product is changed over during beverage production and requires a change in the type of bottle neck, to date each individual mandrel had to be exchanged in its entirety.

“The optimised changeover process is distinguished by the fact that only the actual format part, that is, the mandrel head itself, is replaced, with the entire mandrel mechanism left untouched. This enables customers to save money and gain valuable production time.”

Besides the conveying mandrels, the shields, grippers and other parts can now also be easily switched over using quick-change tools; in some cases, these can be adjusted without any installation work being required by simply rotating the part.

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