A completely modular KHS Innopas SX tunnel pasteuriser from KHS is said to be giving bottlers greater flexibility in the pasteurisation process.

Manufactured as a response to the beverage market’s increasing need for flexibility, the pasteurisation of filled and sealed beverage containers for longer shelf life has become more of an issue in recent years.

For use with PET bottles, cans and glass, the basic functions of the model are initially identical to the tunnel pasteuriser systems provided by KHS. However, the pasteurisation unit reacts variably to changes in conditions. If, for example, a fault occurs during the pasteurisation process, the process temperatures are kept under control in the hot zones of the tunnel pasteuriser to ensure both maximum product safety and flavour stability.

Furthermore, the individual zone temperatures are automatically raised or lowered depending on the conveyor speed, explained Knut Soltau, product manager for Bottle Washers and Pasteurisers at KHS. “This allows the pasteuriser to dynamically adjust to match the line behaviour within a range of 50 to 105 per cent of the nominal capacity for most processes without making any drastic changes to the pasteurisation units and maximum product temperature.”