Husky Injection Molding systems has upgraded its Ultra SideGate Inline hot runner technology, which is designed for thin part applications. It can achieve part spacing as narrow as 18mm.

A direct-gating feature makes it possible to save on resin, while mould makers can also benefit from a wider temperature range and faster cycle time. Direct access to the tips also saves on maintenance.

“Hot runners are the most critical component in the injection moulding process,” explained Stefano Mirti, head of the Hot Runners and Controllers business unit of the Canadian company. “This is why we are so focused on improving hot runner design and performance while also finding ways to help customers reduce their cost.”

Features include cleaner finishes due to improved gate quality and a single-piece cavity design, which benefits industries such as medical products where safety is paramount. In addition, nozzle tips are mounted separately to eliminate the impact of thermal expansion, which can affect balance and gate quality, and the footprint is minimised thanks to pitch spacing of 18mm.

Inline includes a patented UltraSeal technology that is designed to perform consistently with challenging resins.

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