Addex’s ICE-enhanced System is an air ring that incorporates the company’s Intensive Cooling Experience (ICE) technology in a dual-flow configuration. The dual-flow air ring is said to deliver 10-v15 per cent higher output and better bubble stability than its competitors.

The US business has extended the ICE technology by using only a single cooling element. This compares to the full-blown stackable technology that utilises as standard, four stacked elements with a surrounding enclosure, all topped by a conventional air ring. The patent-pending technology marries a single cooling element with Addex’s original dual-flow air ring system.

The dual-flow air ring features two primary locking points, instead of one, which is said to improve bubble stability. It also includes all of the secondary air collar locking points found with the original air ring design. The unit is claimed to be simple and operator friendly, allowing a broad range of processes, blow-up ratios, thicknesses, and materials with minimal adjustments.

Bob Cree, president of Addex, said: “We’ve taken air ring technology to a new level. By integrating our ICE cooling technology directly into the air ring design, we’ve been able to significantly enhance performance and simplify operation.”

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