The US multinational toy company Hasbro plans to use plant-based bio-polyethylene terephthalate (bioPET) for blister packs and plastics windows next year, in an attempt to be less reliant on non-renewable resources.

The company claims it will use bioPET plastics made with 30 per cent material derived from agricultural by-products.

A latest report by the company stated: “In 2016, Hasbro’s packaging engineer team launched a set of sustainable packaging principles that define our sustainable packaging design parameters and help guide our marketing and design and development organisations throughout the development cycle.”

Hasbro says its team considers the circular economy and the package’s entire lifecycle. Since 2007, it has replaced PVC packaging with recyclable PET and has been active in paper recycling, and two years ago the company started using 30 per cent post-consumer recycled PET.

In addition, the company says it uses shrink bundling instead of corrugated shippers where possible, which helps reduce shipping volume and weight.