Nythe Farm Kitchen is using the Linx 10 printer for permanent two-line codes that comprise price and use-by date. It operates at up to five hours a day, four days a week and is said to be compact, light-weight and able to print easily onto a range of pack types and shapes.

The British family-run food business is expanding its production of prepared meals, snacks and convenience foods and wants to progress from using hand-applied labels on materials including coated card and flexible plastics film, which have proved to be time-consuming due to frequent changeovers.

“We needed a printer that was simple to install and use and cost-effective to run, while still delivering high quality printed codes,” said Nythe Farm Kitchen’s technical director Leslie Dennis.

Nythe Farm Kitchen says that key benefits include the water-resistant IPSS-rated outer stainless-steel casing, automatic print-head cleaning, interactive touch-screen, key-tone fluid suitable for food packaging substrates and reduced running costs.

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