Lay Flat Tooling from Proco Machinery in Canada is designed to allow blow moulders to pack plastics bottles on their sides, as opposed to placing them with necks up or down.

With collaborative robot automation systems supplied by US-based Universal Robots, Proco can offer a complete downstream automation solution for the blow moulding industry and one that caters for complex manufacturing requirements.

The company has developed two sets of tooling for two different applications; one for straight neck-to-neck packaging in the box and another for offset neck orientation from row to row. This potentially allows a blow moulder of bottles to pack 270 bottles in a box instead of 250.

“You need to have a small bit of clearance between the box and bottle so the tooling arm goes in and comes out,” said Silva Krish, Proco’s vice president of sales. “Ultimately, the design of the bottle determines how Proco customises the robot’s packing routine. Every bottle and every pack count and every production line will be completely different.”

Proco is incorporating collaborative robotic automation systems in a range of products including its collaborative robotic Half-Cube Palletizer system and the Robo Packer case packer. Both new products are attracting broad interest in the packaging market due to the need for greater efficiency and automation.

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