German consumer goods company Henkel is expanding the use of regranulated resin for its laundry detergents in an attempt to reach a sustainability target and add value for its consumers.  

With the help of Mondi, Henkel is selling its Megaperls washing powder in what it calls ‘quadro seal bags’. 30 per cent of the package’s PE layer currently consists of industrial waste reclaimed from Mondi’s factory in Halle, Germany, which means the overall package structure contains around 10 per cent regrind material.

Says Timo Müller, Mondi’s Key Account Manager for Henkel: “This technology allows the firm to collect and seaarate not only transparent and white materials, but also those that do not contain a slip agent. This enables the use of regrind in the laminate without negatively impacting its material specifications and product mechanical properties.

“We are using oriented polypropylene with regranulated content that increases the percentage of reclaimed material in the entire structure. Our aim is to achieve 50 per cent level of regranulate in the full structure.”

Müller also notes that this process simplifies the product’s end-of-life recycling process, as the OPP/PE laminate structure consists entirely of polyolefin materials.

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