Packaging manufacturers can calculate and optimise adhesive consumption on a job-by-job basis right at their production lines, with the GlueCalc smartphone app from Baumer hhs.

The German company’s tool can identify potential ways to cut adhesive consumption and reduce associated carbon dioxide emissions. Based on the app’s calculations, customers have switched adhesive application from lines to dots where possible for a product and succeeded in reducing adhesive consumption by 50 per cent. Annual savings range from thousands to tens of thousands of euros, claims Baumer, depending on production volumes. 

“Packaging manufacturers are under immense pressure to cut costs,” says Baumer’s marketing manager Andreas Brant. “At the same time, they are expected to continuously improve the eco-balance of both their manufacturing processes and products. The calculations from our new app give them a solid foundation for optimising adhesive application in both economic and ecological terms.”

Plant managers can enter the number of glue lines per product into the app, along with their length and width prior to final pressing, the per-minute production rate, weekly working hours, types of adhesive, and costs per kilogram and currency, and the app will calculate the costs and carbon dioxide emissions of different glue application methods. 

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