The Global Dairy Platform (GDP) has appointed Fonterra chief executive officer Theo Spierings as its chairman. He replaces Rick Smith, who will continue to serve on the board
along with Arla Foods chief Peder Tuborgh and Royal FrieslandCampina chief Roelof Joosten.

The GDP works to promote the nutrient richness of dairy products and provides clarity on how dairy is managing its relationship with the environment.

Spierings said: “More than ever, people are turning to dairy for nutritional security and sustainable food and every day we see the good that dairy can do. We also recognise that the world will have more than two billion more mouths to feed by 2050. With food demand expected to increase by at least 50 per cent in 2050, the challenge is how best to apply the goodness of dairy to the places and people that need it the most.

“Along with the role dairy plays in everyday nutrition, there is a real opportunity to work together and look at new ways we can make the nutritional benefits of dairy more available for those facing poverty and hunger and those fighting obesity. Through the GDP, we will continue to push forward with a global effort to make the goodness of dairy contribute
more by providing better nutrition, empowering our communities and promoting sustainable agriculture.”