In anticipation of the soft drink levy that will be introduced by the UK government in April 2018, food and drink research association Campden BRI will hold a seminar on  27 March 2018 to discuss sugar reduction in beverages.

The soft drink levy will affect producers and importers of soft drinks that contain more than five grams of added sugar per 100 ml, including alcoholic beverages with up to 1.2 per cent alcohol by volume.

To combat the levy, producers have been reformulating their products to reduce the amount of added sugar to below the five gram limit or reduce portion sizes.

To assist in educating producers, Campden BRI is offering a seminar that will promises to feature a range of speakers from the industry who will talk about the more challenging aspects of sugar reduction in drinks.

The seminar is likely to cover the topics of regulatory requirements and considerations, technical considerations, use of flavour modifications, improving mouthfeel and replacing sweetness. Campden BRI says that the seminar will be of interest to new product development managers, technologists, nutritionists and technical managers.