After a number of customer trials, Brittpac has launched a range of PET paint cans with and without handles using rPET aimed at the £2.3 billion ($2.9bn) UK paint and DIY market.

According to the British Coatings Federation (BCF), three out of four cans of paint sold in the UK are made domestically and 30 per cent of UK production is exported, making the UK a net exporter of paint. Recent figures show the total volume of paint is now 702 million litres in the UK.

Richard Fox, a director at Brittpac, commented:  “Very often consumers get frustrated (by metal paint cans) and go out and buy new paint, so the whole cycle starts all over again, which creates both cost implications and waste issues with many recycling centres not accepting paint cans any more.”

Fellow director David Smith came up with the idea to make a see-through paint can using rPET with a special double seal lid. He explained that the container has been through the most stringent drop test making it the “safest paint container available”.

Brittpac developed the container in conjunction with Graham Packaging Plastics, which now trades as Oxford Packaging Solutions. The resulting product is available in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml sizes without handles, and 2.5-litre with a handle. All of the containers can be filled on existing metal container filling machinery.

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