Packaging line manufacturer Gebo Cermex has signed a supply agreement with
Chinese-owned German manufacturer of industrial robots and factory
automation KUKA AG.

The contract was finalised in Munich at Drinktec 2017 and Marc Aury, president of
Gebo Cermex, said: “Gebo Cermex has been utilising the many capabilities of
KUKA robotic machinery for palletising and depalletising functions within our
solutions for the packaging manufacturing industry for well over 10 years now.
In the past 12 months alone we have sold more than ten KUKA robots, with
demand growing steadily. By signing this supply agreement, we are further
extending the portfolio of robotic solutions available to our customers and
ensuring the supply of unique capabilities, especially in terms of precision and

He continued: “Together with our existing supplier, FANUC, we can now
cooperate with two reliable, supportive and complementary players in the field
of robotic solutions. By partnering with both companies, we will be able to
ensure the optimum performance of packaging lines for customers.
It will enhance our flexibility, enabling us to tailor solutions to specific individual
needs, with a greater agility in providing the performance levels that our
customers are looking for over the lifetime of their production lines.”

Jean-Luc Imhof, chief executive of KUKA France and Benelux, added: “This
signing represents an important milestone in our collaboration. With our wide
product portfolio and experience in the consumer goods market we can offer the complete solution for this sector: standard industrial and collaborative robots,
digital services and other Industry 4.0 technologies. Additionally, as a leading
global supplier, KUKA provides all the necessary support for customers all
around the globe. Based on these values that we share with our partner Gebo
Cermex, we wish to pursue and reinforce the common developments of the key
technologies for the consumer goods market.”