Gabriel-Chemie recreates authentic metallic look

Effect pigment specialist Schlenk and masterbatch manufacturer Gabriel-Chemie have reproduced an ‘astonishingly authentic’ metallic look in plastics.

The masterbatch formulas developed by Gabriel-Chemie with ultra-fine pigments from Schlenk are said to have created a silky, homogeneous surface on the plastics item by means of mass colouration. The surface is free from visible glitter particles and characterised by an intense deep gloss, especially for high-gloss surfaces. The exclusive small series of ‘Flowing Metallics’ was created in ten colours as samples in a PP polymer and forms part of the current Colour Vision Number 17.

Ulf Trabert, product manager for Branded Goods at Gabriel-Chemie, said: “This type of perfect surface can be cost-effectively achieved through mass colouration. We have adopted a position of quality in the metallisation substitution sector with our formulas and the high-grade effect pigments from Schlenk.”

The masterbatch can be used in many polymers and has already been successfully tested in a wide range of manufacturing processes. It is also approved for contact with food.

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