Fusion jar for premium tea scoops award

plastic, packaging, tea, PET
Manjushree Technopack developed the compartmentalised PET fusion jar in 2016

A fusion jar for tea developed by Manjushree Technopack has received an ‘excellence in packaging’ award at the ET (Economic Times) Polymers Awards 2017 in India.

Created for Tata Global’s premium product ‘Tata Tea Fusion’, the pack combines two jars fused into one. The compartmentalised packaging has a dual storage facility to house two different types of tea in a single pack and keep both fresh.

Two distinct taste enhancers – Green Tea and Kenyan Tea – can be blended with Tata Global’s Superior Assam Tea to create a signature brew. The transparent PET jar has four components: The main jar, small jar, main cap, and small cap. The main cap and small jar have a locking mechanism where they interlock to form one component and the two jars cannot be separated without breaking the locking mechanism. Tea jars that were predominantly packed in glass are now seeing a major shift to PET.

The product was initially launched in 2016 for the Indian market.