Two grades of Exceed polyethylene have been introduced by ExxonMobil that satisfy needs for high-quality flexible food and liquid packaging, and extrusion lamination and coating. The company has also rolled out an Exceed XP-based recyclable full PE laminated packaging material.

“Advancing polyethylene technology is an important part of our commitment to helping customers grow their businesses,” said David Hergenrether, ExxonMobil Chemical’s vice president of polyethylene. “By working together, we can help customers create differentiated packaging solutions that offer enhanced performance and processing, while helping them to meet their sustainability goals.”

Exceed 2012MA is said to provide good sealing and extrusion performance, alongside reduced energy use and lower per-unit packaging costs. The company claims applications in laminated packaging, cast stretch and barrier packaging, while also delivering options for full PE laminated stand-up pouches.

For coating layers used in laminates, Exceed 0015XC delivers sealing performance, a broad hot-tack window and good processing. ExxonMobil claims that it offers easy extrusion onto substrates such as board and paper, aluminium foil, flexible films and PE-based woven fabrics, and is suitable for drink cartons, paper cups, lamitubes, flexible packaging, tarpaulins and raffia coating and also provides opportunities for downgauging.  

At the same time, ExxonMobil has introduced full PE laminated packaging solutions containing Exceed XP performance polymers. These help overcome the recycling issues typically associated with conventional laminated structures. Often comprising a mix of PET, PA, EVOH or OPP, laminated packaging structures can be challenging to recycle, due to difficulties separating the materials. The full PE laminated solutions can be recycled with PE film where programmes to collect plastics films exists, while delivering the toughness, optical properties and stiffness needed for high-quality packaging, plus material selection is simplified. 

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