Evian’s in-home water machine to reduce plastics waste

Evian has developed an in-home water appliance that the company says provides consumers with Evian natural mineral water at home, and therefore reduces the use of plastics.

Evian Renew features a collapsible 5-litre ‘bubble’ water container, which is recyclable and made of 100 per cent recycled plastics skin that contracts when the water is consumed. The container uses 66 per cent less plastics than a 1.5-l Evian bottle.

“This bubble design represents a breakthrough in design thinking, which brings the purity of Evian natural mineral water from the source to the home in a more circular way,” said Patricia Oliva, Evian’s global brand vice president.

Consumers will be able to order replacement Evian bubble containers via a button on the base of the machine, which is connected to the Evian Renew app. According to the Danone-owned brand, the app will also be able to track the amount of water consumed and notify the user when a refill is needed.

Evian Renew will launch as part of an initial pilot in Paris and London in May. 200 selected consumers have been asked to help the company to test the machine ahead of wider product launches in the future.

“We are inviting consumers to join a community of early adopters who will be an extension of our innovation team, helping us to co-create this solution,” Oliva explained. “Together we will fine-tune Evian Renew with a view to bringing a scalable and circular solution to market.”

The development forms part of Evian’s 2025 commitment to circularity. In January last year, the brand committed to making all of its plastics bottles from 100 per cent recycled content by 2025.