Environment and health link offers opportunities, says Tetra Pak

Gisele Gurgel, Director Business Insights and Analytics Tetra Pak

A new study by Tetra Pak and Ipsos has found a growing link between environmental concerns and health. The report, The Convergence Of Health & Environment, revealed that almost 60 per cent of consumers now believe that their health and well-being is strongly affected by environmental problems.

According to Tetra Pak, the link offers the food and beverage industry an opportunity to connect with consumers. “Food and beverage is perhaps the first industry to see the emerging trend for convergence of health and environment,” said Gisele Gurgel, director business insights and analytics at Tetra Pak. “It provides a new opportunity for brands to make a powerful, purposeful and personal connection with consumers by addressing and communicating both at the same time.”

Gurgel added that “many consumers are eager to read and learn more about the environment, including package-related topics (39 per cent) particularly via social networks. In particular, the sweet spot is natural/organic products; no additives, and seasonal also rate highly in this regard. In terms of categories, 100 per cent fruit juice, white milk, packaged water, coconut water and plant-based drinks are the most compelling.”

The study found that consumers are looking to make more informed choices over packaging – even if this means buying more expensive products. Packaging and recyclability are critical with consumers seeking environmental information via labelling.

As a result of the study, Tetra Pak has added six new segments of consumers to its Tetra Pak Index 2019. The segments range from “active ambassadors” with high engagement in all aspects of health and environment to “sceptics” who view environmental issues as “fake news”.