Cold beverages have been revamped by flexible packaging producer Uflex, which has provided retortable, bottom-gusseted stand-up pouches for a snack brand in India.

“We engineered a foil-based stand up pouch with a retort sealant layer to withstand sterilisation at elevated temperatures. This pouch offers a shelf-life of six months and does away with the cold chain. It is sustainable because refrigeration is not required, resulting in much lesser emission of greenhouse gases,” explained Arun Anand, executive vice president of marketing at Uflex.

“We have fitted the pouch with a tamper-locked PP spout to withstand the retort application, the first in India. The cap is inter-locked with the shoulder of the spout and this lock is broken when the cap is opened for the first time. Spout fixing is done on high-end imported machines to ensure leak-proof seal integrity.”

“It took us nearly three months to design this. We can bring out many variants of these pouches that are aesthetically unique, agile, and have optimised barrier properties,” added Mohit Bajpai, senior general manager of marketing.

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