Electric performance in the Middle East

Having recently set up a service base in Dubai, UAE, Austrian machinery maker Engel presented – in collaboration with Otto Hofstetter – a range of thin-walled containers (from small food containers to large paint buckets) at Arabplast in January. The containers are made using in-mould labelling (IML).

Engel’s e-motion features a closed system for toggle levers and spindles to ensure clean lubrication of all moving machine components, thus complying with the strict requirements of the food industry.

As the region continues to grow dynamically, Engel showcased its e-cap with clamping force up to 4,200kN for all-electric cap production. To manufacture 26mm caps made of HDPE in a 72-cavity mould, for example, an e-cap 2440/380 requires 0.4kWh of electricity per kilogram of pellets with a cycle time of less than two seconds. This ensures high levels of energy efficiency and also reduced demand for cooling water.

“The lowest possible energy and cooling water consumption values are crucial in the UAE,” admitted Andreas Leitner, Engel’s sales director for the Middle East. “The trend in cap production is therefore clearly towards all-electric machines.”

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