US-based Inkcups has introduced two digital inks that are said to eliminate pre-treatment for Tritan plastic and to advance print durability on flexible applications.

The company’s T2 digital ink is suitable for drinkware manufacturers that want to speed up their operations while ensuring good adhesion to Tritan products. Tritan is a durable plastic that is claimed to be benefitting from the growing movement to help the environment and reduce waste.

The BB digital ink produces graphics with superior adhesion on ultra-flexible products, which the company says surpasses the industry’s ‘squeeze’ and ‘ice bucket’ testing measures. Inkcups claims that these inks resolve the long-standing industry challenge of achieving full-colour graphics on flexible bottles without chipping, cracking or distorting after only a short period of time or following the ‘squeeze test’.

Ideally suited for soft and flexible plastics, BB digital ink is commonly used in applications including bicycle water bottles, stadium cups, sports bottles, shakers and infuser bottles. The ink is compatible with Inkcups’ suite of digital printers. Pre-treatment is necessary before decorating plastics bottles with the BB ink. This formulation requires the combination of a flame-treatment followed by a primer. 

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