In this issue: Plastics in Packaging, Issue 219, January 2020

International news
Japanese firm buys majority stake in Negri Bossi; Amcor wants customers to ‘Choose Plastic’; Belu backs recycled PET; Machinery shipments flat; Polyester waste embarks on Poseidon adventure; Ship & Shore invests in Chinese market; MTL taps into dispensers; Biowaste project targets PHA; Companies line up to use rPET; Sharing is caring for Colgate- Palmolive; Coca-Cola committed to plastics

Coca-Cola European Partners, Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel, Sidel, Nestlé, Mars, Total

News analysis from Russia
FFS sector on the brink of change

A monthly review of European polymer prices

Editor’s comment
Tribute to a visionary leader

Plastic surgery
What do you want to ask the doctor this month?

The sound of one hand clapping

Machinery: Kautex Maschinenbau, Maguire Products, Sacmi

Packaging: Aptar Group, 3D Neopac India, Henkel, Tri-Star Packaging, RPC bpi nordipac, Perstorp Holding

Events diary
Your guide to the places to be this month

Bills and bonds


Vacuum skin packaging
How products are flaunting their curves on the shelves

Turning profits from pets is the name of the game in Kentucky’s ‘Japanese Valley’

Circular economy
Reimagining core packaging

Blow moulding
Dan Weissmann glimpses into data-driven operations

Recycled polypropylene
What is happening at the food-grade end of the quality spectrum?

Printz Holman captures the mood in Germany

PET kegs
Profiling a company with a community crusade

Flexible packaging
Which formats are proving the most successful?

Dosing systems
Investigating the factors to consider when selecting a dosing system

Aseptic filling
Breaking the visual codes

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