Danone has signed a three-year deal with recycling compliance scheme Ecosurety, which will see it manage the food and beverage giant’s packaging waste recycling obligations in the UK.

The partnership will target investments in recycling innovation and education in the UK and help to build capacity and contribute towards a circular economy.

Danone claims that it currently recycles more than 80 per cent of its used packaging and is aiming to improve this statistic with the partnership. Ecosurety will now prioritise the purchase of Danone’s PRN’s from UK reprocessors.

Caroline Winters, director of Public Affairs at Danone, said: “As a multinational business with an ambition to lead in the sustainability sector, recycling is an area that we are particularly focused on improving.

“Ecosurety’s approach to traceability and tangible reinvestment in the recycling sector resonated with our own environmental business objectives. This is the start of an impactful new partnership and we look forward to working with Ecosurety.”

Managing director of Ecosurety James Piper, added: “We are determined to show that recycling compliance doesn’t need to be perceived of as a tax, but rather a positive feedback system that benefits producer, consumer and planet.”